A loan to pay off every other loan.

We’ll help you free up thousands of dollars by reducing all your debt into one simple monthly payment.

Get rid of high-interest debt and regain control over of your finances

  • Spiralling bill payments — Gone
  • Oppressive hire purchase payments —No more
  • Little to no savings — No Longer
  • Debt collectors keep calling — It’s handled

Stop living paycheck to paycheck and start living.

Not only will we get rid of your out-of-control debt. We’ll teach you simple, life-changing rules to successful budgeting so you can start growing your savings.

Credit with a conscience.

Republic Bank offers the most flexible repayment terms for loans that are built to help you become debt free. We think of it as credit with a conscience because when it comes to debt, we’ve all been there or know a loved one who has.

But act fast. We’re offering amazing WOW Weekly specials until Christmas and you may qualify.

I’d like to get debt under control.

Our average rate for a vehicle loan is 4.00%. The actual rate per customer will be calculated after their loan application has been reviewed. 

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