Get Behind The
Wheel Of The
Car You Want!

IS Happening

While some goals may have been postponed, owning your own vehicle does not have to wait! At Republic Bank we have a Vehicle Loan that will put you in the driver’s seat!

Switch Gears To A Vehicle
Loan And Make It Happen

  • 100% Financing
  • Ultra-Low Rates
  • Repayment Terms Up To 7 Years
  • Unbeatable Low Rates On New And Used Vehicles
  • Huge Cash Back Rewards
  • Drive Away In Showroom Style
  • Fast, Easy Process
  • Apply Online Or Visit Your Favourite Republic Bank Branch

We've teamed up with Southern Sales and Service to make your Christmas even more special.


  • Ultra-Low rates
  • 100% Financing
  • Up to 7 years repayment
  • $6000 Cash Back

Your New Ride Is Waiting.

You’re just a click away from getting the car you want at the absolute best interest rate.

Christmas IS Happening.
Get In The Driver’s Seat!

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