Light Up
Your Christmas
& The New Year

Light Up
Your Christmas
& The New Year

Shop Whenever, Wherever You Want

Get everything on your gift list and earn rewards to start the New Year! Make holiday shopping easy with a Republic Bank credit card. Enjoy safe and secure transactions, plus the gift of rewards on all your day-to-day shopping.  

Treat Yourself To:

  •  Up to $5,000 spending limit
  •  Quick Approvals
  •  A Chance To Win Exciting Cash Prizes

Shop & Earn Rewards

You'll enjoy fantastic rewards when
you use your credit card for day-to-day purchases such as groceries, gas, bills,
and more!

You’ll enjoy cash back savings and some fantastic benefits.

For a limited time only, enjoy these special offers from October 26th, 2021 to January 21st, 2022.

Let's Light Up Your Christmas Together!

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