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You’re Building A Legacy…

We’re here to make it easy

Let’s lay the foundation for your legacy. Easily take the first step to purchase a new home, secure the land to build your dream home or get the funds to start construction. Apply today for a HOMEasy Loan from Republic Bank and be one step closer to independence and peace of mind.

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Your Future
Home Is Waiting…
Our experts can
get you started

Republic Bank wants to ensure the next steps to your forever home come with expert advice that empowers you. Start building your legacy and benefit from:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Chance to WIN a Cash Prize
  • Up to 100% financing*

* Special terms and conditions apply.

Republic House
Maurice Bishop Highway
Grand Anse, St. George

Contact us: 1-(473)-444-2265

For the duration of Republic Bank’s 2023 HOMEasy Loan Campaign, the maximum period of repayment for loans is 30 years. The periodic interest rate ranges from 4.50% to 5.75%. For reference, a $375,000 loan with 90% financing repayable over a 30-year period, the monthly instalment could range from $1,900.07 to $2,188.40.

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