A vehicle of my own in 2020!

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Own your own in 2020

Whether it’s your first set of wheels, a family upgrade, or something sleek, very few of life’s moments can compare to the joys of turning the key in your brand-new ride!

My Dream Car Guaranteed!

Vehicle financing is often at the top of the list of challenges when you’re thinking about buying a vehicle. If you’re stuck trying to figure this out, we’ve got a plan that can help you make it happen.

Here’s how:

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  • Benefit from a single payment option for your loan and your insurance
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Dream Ride,
Here I Come!

Start thinking about those beach runs and all that trunk space to fit coolers, yoga mats, grocery bags and more. You’re on the road to owning your own vehicle, you just need to sign up!

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Own your own vehicle in 2020

For the duration of the promotion, the minimum period of repayment may range from 12 months or less and the maximum period of repayment is 84 months. The maximum APR Rate offered is 11.25%.

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